New Webinar: April Enrollment Count Report

To assist those who are responsible for the important task of reporting student data to the Maine Department of Education, the DOE Data Team will be holding a topical webinar about the new April Enrollment Count Report on Wednesday May 13th, from 11am to 12pm.

Why do we collect April 1 data?

The April Enrollment Count Reports will be used for calculating tuition rates in accordance with Title 20-A, 5805, subsection 1.B. This count will not be used for the Essential Services and Programs (EPS) School funding formula, but is still necessary for calculating the tuition rates. Please note that students who are attending outside placements at regional programs or special purpose private schools, are not included attending counts in the primary enrollment district.

New this year

The United States Department of Education (USED) has waived assessment and accountability requirements for the 2019-2020 school year, however the requirement for report cards has not been waived.  The following items are still needed on the ESSA data dashboard (report card):

  • Enrollment data, including student groups
  • Teacher data
  • Graduation data

In addition to these requirements, English Learners have completed their English proficiency assessments for this year, and demographic information is needed for them to load into the Maine Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS) for local use.

We will use demographics from the April Enrollment Count Report, requiring only one spring data certification that can be used for multiple purposes. Usually, the student demographic data would be verified by schools on ESEA Demographics Certification Report (formerly known as the Accountability Certification).  Because the April Enrollment Count Report does not normally report out demographics, there are some adjustments that have been made to the report so that data staff can properly validate the student demographics.

What is it?

Please note that for the April 1 count, “enrollment and attending” are referring to the school that is responsible for educating the student for April 1, 2020.  We are not asking schools to take attendance on April 1, just to certify the students for which they are responsible on this date.

The new April Enrollment Count Report became available for districts to submit and certify May 4th with a certify by date of June 15th.

If you have trouble logging into NEO, have other technical issues, or have questions about the April Enrollment Count Report, please contact the data systems help desk at 207-624-6896 or .

To register for the webinar, please click the following registration link and fill out the appropriate fields.