Teacher Appreciation Week: Maine DOE Staff Recognize Teachers Who Have Positively Impacted Their Lives

During a regular Maine Department of Education (DOE) conference call that hosts more than 125 staff members each week, staff were invited to share the name of a teacher who has positively impacted their lives as a nomination for a random drawing for a gift card for Teacher Appreciation Week.

The drawing normally goes to a DOE staff member as part of the Maine DOE’s weekly all staff meetings but instead this week, the Department is awarding an educator from the names that were nominated by staff members. We would also like to the opportunity to acknowledge all of the teachers that were nominated.

In addition to deeply impacting the lives of their students, teachers also have a tremendous impact on the adults around them, whether it is the family and extended family of their students or through the mentorship and encouragement of their colleagues, administrators, and their own friends and family members. That is why we felt it was important to acknowledge the group of educators listed below for positively influencing the lives of Maine DOE staff members either where they currently teach or a previous setting. #Thanks4TeachingME

The Maine DOE also recognizes and thanks all teachers in Maine for their tireless efforts and dedication to educate Maine’s students.

Susan (Muzzy) Martin – DOE Teacher Appreciation Raffle Winner!
formerly of Gilbert School, now at Cornville Charter School

Beatrice Stevens, former educator
Once taught at Mt. Vernon Elementary School, Maranacook Area Schools/RSU #38

Susan Dana, Spanish Teacher
Cape Elizabeth Middle School, Cape Elizabeth Schools

Janice Smith, English Teacher
Brunswick High School, Brunswick School Department

Lawrence Peters, RTI Behavior Teacher
Greely High School, MSAD 51

Caitlin Keating, Special Education
Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York School Department

Sue Whitney, 5th Grade Teacher
Manchester Elementary School, Maranacook Area Schools/RSU #38

Paige Fournier, Special Education Teacher
Freeport Middle School, RSU 5

Jenna Zemrak, 2nd Grade Teacher
Belgrade Central School, RSU 18

Patty Mullis, Classroom Teacher
Nokomis Regional High School, RSU 19

Linda Vitale, former educator
Once taught at Albion Elementary School, MSAD 49

Andrea Wilson, 3rd Grade Teacher
Harriet Beecher Stowe School, Brunswick School Department

Heidi Corliss, Choral Educator
Hampden Academy, RSU 22

Elizabeth Ross, Math Teacher
Monmouth Academy, RSU 2

Jennifer Lagasse, 3rd Grade Teacher
Ellsworth Elementary School, Ellsworth School Department

Margaret Corral, Spanish Teacher
Greely High School, MSAD 51

Marshalyn Baker, former educator
Once taught at Messalonskee Middle School, RSU 18

Laurie Stiles, Classroom Teacher for Grades 6-8
Nobleboro Central School, AOS 93

Melissa Allen, Art Teacher
Spruce Mountain Middle and High School, RSU 73

Claudette Brassil, former English Teacher
Mt. Ararat High School, MSAD 75

Tara DiVincenzo, 4th Grade Teacher
Coastal Ridge Elementary School, York School District

Edwin “Barry” McLaughlin, former educator
Once taught at Katahdin High School

Arlo Smith, former educator
Once taught at Perry Elementary School

Theresa Cerceo, District Art Teacher

Erica St.Peter, Principal
James Bean Elementary School, RSU 18

Mark Stubbs, Functional Life Skills Teacher
Edward Little High School, Auburn School Department

Gary Clendening,
Hall-Dale High School, RSU 2

Mildred Brown, former educator
Once taught at a one room school house on the Frenchville Road outside of Patten

Kayanne Nadeau, Classroom Teacher
Fort Kent Elementary, MSAD 27

Kellie Irving, Preschool special education teacher
PATHS in Portland

Sue Perkins, Science Teacher
Brunswick High School, Brunswick School Department

Craig Borgerson, former educator
Once taught at Owls Head Central School, Owls Head

Cindy Williams, Adult Education Instructor

Pat Jacobs, educator
Turner Elementary School

Jennifer Poulin, Pre-K Teacher
Saco School Department

Allison Desjardins, 1st Grade Teacher
Governor John Fairfield School, Saco School Department

Helen Beesley, Middle School ELA Teacher
Windsor Elementary, RSU 12

Dot Bowie, Kindergarten Teacher
Williams-Cone Elementary School, MSAD 75

Eric Brown, Science Teacher
Lawrence High School, MSAD 49

Larry LaPointe, English Literature Teacher
Gardiner Area High School, MSAD 11

Karen Mayo, 4th Grade Teacher
Williams Elementary, RSU 18

Kristie Houghton, 2nd Grade Teacher
Great Salt Bay School, AOS 93

Heidi Bourgeois, Literacy Coach

Karen Magnusson, Physical Education Teacher
Maranacook Community Middle School, RSU 38

Laurie Dale, Science Educator
Cony, Augusta Schools

Crystal Cyr, Classroom Teacher
Tripp Middle School in Turner, MSAD 52

Lisa Weeks, PreK Program
Somerville Elementary School RSU 12

Carly McKeil, PreK Program
Somerville Elementary School, RSU 12

Tara Morse, PreK Program
Somerville Elementary School RSU 12

Rick Wilson, Community Outreach and Extended Learning Coordinator
Brunswick High School, Brunswick School Department

Amy Gammon, educator
Dirigo Elementary School, RSU 56

Whitney Williams, Science Teacher
Central Aroostook Middle School, MSAD 42

Jeanna Carver, PreK Teacher
Jonesport Elementary School, Union 103

Alison Hinkley, educator
Lyman Moore Middle School, Portland Public Schools

Andrea Levinsky, Extended Learning Coordinator
Portland High School, Portland Public Schools

Jen Dearborn, Special Education Teacher
Gardiner Middle School, MSAD 11

Judy Mank, Music Teacher
Monmouth, RSU 2

Paige Fournier, Special Education Teacher
Freeport Middle School, RSU 5

Ashley LaCroix, Technology Integrator
Brunswick School Department

Dr. Carol Russell, former educator

Sarah Lucas, former educator
Once taught at TC Hamlin School

Hannah Boss, Kindergarten Teacher
Leroy H. Smith School, Winterport, RSU 22

Maria Cyr, Grade 6 Teacher
Oxford Elementary, Oxford Hills School District

Johanna Bridges, Spanish Teacher
William S. Cohen Middle School, Bangor Public Schools

Anne Mourkas, Math and Science Teacher
James F. Doughty School, Bangor Public Schools

Kelly Horton, Pathways
Falmouth High School, Falmouth Public Schools

Megan Cociou, educator
Augusta School Department

Karyn Bussell, Health Education Teacher
Madison Area Memorial High School, MSAD 59

Samantha Person, Physical Education Teacher
Waterboro Elementary School, RSU 57

Christine Rasmussen, Special Education Teacher
Waterville Senior High School, AOS 92