A Message from Maine Education Commissioner Regarding Fall 2020 Survey

Contact: Kelli Deveaux

The Maine Department of Education has released a special video message from Maine Education Commissioner Pender Makin and other key leaders from the Department to encourage and remind the people of Maine to provide input for ensuring a safe return to classroom instruction. Video can be viewed, here.

Maine DOE continues to work with educators and health experts from across the State to develop health markers and corresponding plans to ensure the safe return to classroom instruction.  As this work develops, the Department is seeking input from additional stakeholders from across the State through a series of surveys that were released on July 6.

The surveys, available for families, educators, student support providers, and school and district leaders, are available through July 12. The data and feedback will be compiled by a research group and considered by the team who will continue to revise the Department’s Draft Framework for Returning to Classroom Instruction over the next month.

Your participation in these surveys is greatly appreciated in preparation for the next school year.  Our fervent hope is that our continued trends in the battle against COVID-19 here in Maine will allow our schools to resume classroom instruction for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, as our schools serve as a stabilizing force for our communities, students, families and the economy. All of our energy and efforts are going into helping to provide support and guidance to schools and families who are making extraordinarily difficult decisions.