MEDIA RELEASE: Maine Department of Education Launches an Online Platform of PK-12 Modules as an Open-Access Learning Resource! 

AUGUSTA – The Maine Department of Education is excited to announce the official launch of our MOOSE (Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education) Learning Platform! MOOSE is live today and available as a resource to anyone who is interested.  

“We are so excited and proud to launch the MOOSE library today,” said Beth Lambert, DOE Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning. “These high quality, project-based, anytime/anywhere, interdisciplinary learning modules can be used and adapted by educators to foster engaging and meaningful learning experiences for all of Maine’s students.  

MOOSE features an online library of asynchronous, interdisciplinary, project-based modules aligned to the Maine Learning Results for grades PK-12. Over the summer, over two hundred Maine educators from across the state developed nearly one hundred modules to populate the first quarter of content available today! Embedded in the modules are elements of social, emotional, and behavioral learning as well as considerations for all learning styles. It is not a curriculum, but a library to choose from, based on interests, content standards, or topics.  MOOSE was designed as an optional, educational resource for students, educators, and families to include in their remote learning plans. The platform is open access and does not require users to register.  

“We are grateful to all of the educators who pioneered this innovative project with us over the summer,” said Commissioner of Education, Pender Makin. “We look forward to feedback from those using this resource as we continue to make it authentic and accessible for Maine students!” 

The Maine Department of Education, in partnership with Maine teachers, curriculum leaders, and educational organization leaders will begin developing modules for Phase II of MOOSE today; the second quarter of content and materials will be available by the end of November, 2020.  

For more information about MOOSE, please contact: 

Beth Lambert, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning – 

Page Nichols, Chief Innovation Officer –