Helping Young People Find Their Voice Through Public Media – An article by Mid-Maine Technical Center Instructor David Boardman

Mid-Maine Technical Center (MMTC) Instructor of Mass Media Communications David Boardman recently contributed to an article in the the national Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE) magazine, Techniques.

The article, “Helping Young People Find Their Voice Through Public Media,” is about the power and importance of student-led media projects with a focus on a team of students from Boardman’s class at MMTC that produced a four-minute story for Maine Public Television on a student-led groundwater testing study that found high levels of arsenic in drinking water.

Boardman writes, “Not only did students contribute to the ‘participatory culture’ of our media-rich society, but, as young consumers, they gained a sense of how to watch news with a critical eye. They learned to seek out connections where they exist and about what good journalism looks like, as a producer and as a consumer.”

The article is an enthusiastic nod to how important project-based learning and student led initiatives are to student learning and pays tribute to the amazing things happening within the learning communities of career and technical education programs all over Maine and across the country.

To read the article, scroll to pages 24-28 of this digital version of Techniques magazine.

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