Honoring RISE Award Finalist Debra Baldacci From Bangor

Deb Baldacci

Deb Baldacci is a devoted Lunch Accountability Clerk at Fruit Street School in the Bangor School Department. She was recently nominated for the RISE Award and honored by the Maine Department of Education (DOE). The RISE Award (Recognizing Inspirational School Employees ) honors classified school employees who provide exemplary service.

“Mrs B, as she’s affectionately known as, commits to memory the names of each student, their sibling, teacher and preferences for food choice. She gently encourages students to do their best and make healthy choices. She notices everything and seeks out counsel when wondering about one of her students changes in behavior.”

“As a specialist in the school, I know that if I have a student who comes to my office saying they had no time for breakfast, I can take that student to her office to work out how to solve that problem. She will without hesitation stop what she’s doing to show care and concern for any child, whether that be asking if they need more breakfast, or notice something special about a student.”

“She looks to fill any needed training for her staff by sharing with them information within the school day process that they might to need know. She takes it upon herself to see that tasks are completed even if they are not specifically assigned to her or her staff.”

“Everyone knows Ms. B. I have students that years later, I might see, and they will ask about Ms. B. She has put everyone as a priority so that they consider her to be the safe harbor when times are difficult, and they seek out to share good news. She’s our rock.”

 When asked about her job, this is what Deb had to say:

“I feel very fortunate to work at Fruit Street with such a wonderful staff and students.”

RISE Award nominations were submitted from across the state by local educational agencies, school administrators, educators, professional associations, nonprofits, parents and community members this fall. More information on the Maine RISE Award can be found here the national RISE Award can be found here.