Seeking Nominations for Foreign Language Teacher of the Year – 1/15 Deadline

Each year at its annual conference, the Foreign Language Association of Maine (FLAME) recognizes those who have achieved outstanding results in teaching modern or classical languages. The FLAME Advisory Board invites you to nominate one of the many excellent language teachers who practice their profession here in Maine!

What are the criteria for nomination?

  • Nominees must have at least two years of FLAME membership.
  • Nominees must have a minimum of five years experience in teaching modern or classical languages.

Who may make a nomination?

  • A FLAME member 
  • A teaching colleague 
  • A school administrator

What is the procedure?

The nominator must submit a letter of nomination, including information about the nominee’s 

  • Address, telephone number and email address 
  • Teaching assignment 
  • Educational background 
  • Teaching experience 
  • Special achievements, honors or awards

The nominator must include his or her contact information (address, telephone number and email address) 

  • The nominator must arrange for submission of letters of recommendation from the following: 
  • At least one colleague (not necessarily a modern or classical language teacher) 
  • At least one supervisor (principal, head of department or superintendent) 
  • At least one former or current student

In making its decision, the FLAME Advisory Board will consider the following kinds of evidence: 

  • How has the nominee demonstrated best practice?
  • How has the nominee contributed to the teaching and learning of a modern or classical language? 
  • What are some teaching practices and activities that the nominee uses to improve students’ language proficiency and motivation? 
  • What kinds of professional growth activities (including travel relevant to teaching) has the nominee participated in? 
  • How has the nominee served the students, the school or the school district?

The nominator must arrange for delivery of all documents to Christopher Gram, FLAME Awards Committee Chair, Carrabec High School, P.O. Box 220, North Anson, ME 04958. The postmarked deadline for submission is January 15, 2021.

For additional information, contact Christopher at:  or (207) 635-2296.