The Early Learning Team Releases New Public Pre-K Guidebook

The Maine Department of Education’s Early Learning Team and Head Start State Collaboration Office  are excited to offer a new resource to facilitate the expansion of high-quality and inclusive public Pre-K in Maine.

The Public Pre-K Guidebook describes high-quality pre-k programming, provides guidance for developing and implementing inclusive public pre-k programs that align with state requirements,  and offers links to a wide variety of useful tools.  This guidebook will support not only school administrative units planning new programs, but also existing programs with continuous improvement efforts. The guidebook can be accessed digitally on the Early Childhood Education  homepage or downloaded as a PDF document.

In the guidebook you’ll find detailed information related to the following topics:

  • Program Standards and Learning Standards
  • Program Structure
  • Inclusive Student Support
  • Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Preschool Budgets
  • Family Engagement
  • Transition to Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Technical Assistance

Information will be updated as appropriate.

Any questions can be directed to Early Childhood Specialist, Head Start State Collaboration Director, or Early Childhood Monitor.