Priority Notice: Popular Multi-Tiered Systems of Support MicroPD Session Offered for Second Round

Beginning April 29th, the 6-week MicroPD LIVE MTSS training will be repeated. This professional learning session focuses on strategies for strengthening tier 1 supports for all students by exploring a 4-step problem solving process as it is applied at the tier 1 level.

The goal of the training is to develop both understanding and application strategies for improving supports for all students through tier 1 instruction. Participation in this MicroPD live training will prepare administrators, interventionists, and other support staff/teams with skills to evaluate the tier 1 setting in their school, application of a four-step problem solving process for addressing areas of need, and action planning for initiating the process to better support teachers and students as they round out the school year and begin planning summer and fall professional learning.

This live training will be held on Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM for 6 weeks. Unlike other MicroPD offerings, this is a live training and is being capped at 25 participants (or teams, when applicable) due to the highly interactive nature of the training. Individuals may register, but it is recommended that teams of at least 2 join together.

Session dates and topics:

· Session 1: April 29: Exploring effective four step problem solving models

· Session 2: May 6: Goal/Problem Identification

· Session 3: May 13: Problem Analysis

· Session 4: May 20: Instructional/Intervention Design

· Session 5: May 27: Response to Instruction/Intervention

· Session 6: June 3: Implications for leaders/action planning

You MUST register for this new PD series even if you have registered for MTSS MicroPD in the past. Registration for this PD will close on Wednesday, April 28th (or when it is at capacity, whichever comes first). To register for this new professional learning opportunity, click here.