MEDIA RELEASE: 2020 Maine County Teachers of the Year Release Special Message to Pre-Service Teachers 

As we head into National Teacher Appreciation Week this week and as college students across Maine celebrate their education accomplishments with graduations and plans for the future, the 2020 Maine County Teachers of the Year (CTOY) have created a very special message for those completing teacher-preparation programs and transitioning into their very first teaching job.

“We, the 2020 County Teachers of the Year, strongly feel that the current teacher shortage and the plethora of reasons that people are leaving our profession is a very serious issue and concern in our state. We collectively believe as teacher leaders, it is our duty to promote the success of our profession. In an attempt to address our concerns, it became our goal to support, encourage, and endorse the committed students/pre-service teachers in our teacher preparation programs across the state. Pre-service teachers, new teachers, and veteran teachers could all use a positive reminder that teaching is joyous and collaborative. Together we lift each other up and celebrate our triumphs! This video message was created to promote the profession, have a little fun and welcome valuable new team members to this amazing career, and our team!

Professional baseball player and hall of famer, Babe Ruth once said, ‘The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.’”

Maine County Teachers of the Year are nominated by a member of their community and selected through a selection process each year as part of the Maine Teacher of the Year Program. They serve as ambassadors for teachers, students, and quality education state-wide through speaking engagements and collaborative work with education stakeholders and decision makers throughout Maine.

The Maine Department of Education’s Teacher of the Year Program is administered through a collaborative partnership with Educate Maine. To learn more about the Teacher of the Year program visit: