Mid-Coast School of Technology Names Emily Miller CTE Student of the Year

Emily Miller

Mid-Coast School of Technology is pleased to recognize Emily Miller as Mid-Coast School of Technology’s 2021 MACTE Student of the Year.

Emily has been a standout student since her very first visit to the school. Her teacher, Brandon Soards said:

She showed off illustrations that looked like that of high-end professional, almost to an extent that I didn’t believe. In her three years in Design/Technology, she has continued to excel, soaking up every opportunity to learn new skills and transforming herself from an outstanding illustrator into an outstanding graphic designer.

Lately, she has put her focus on learning all the production capabilities we have on hand. She has used those talents to support the school, creating shop and student of the month shirts for her peers. I have had to become cautious about what projects to bring up because she will always be the first to volunteer if it’s something the school needs. This is particularly important as she has some other important projects: a stellar Maine State T-Shirt design for SkillsUSA and a very personal entry in the Arrive Alive Competition in which she is sharing her own experience of the hit and run and her long road to recovery.

Emily Miller has become a Design/Tech paragon, setting an example of conduct, professionalism, and practice. She is the ideal candidate for MACTE Student of the Year.

Next year, Emily will return to Mid-Coast as a post-graduate student and start building a freelance design business.

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