Maine DOE Joins MCLA in Honoring Top Curriculum Leaders

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) joins the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association (MCLA) in honoring Beth Clifford, Curriculum Director of Maine Indian Education, as the 2021 Curriculum Leader of The Year, and Susan O’Brien, Instructional Coach in RSU 22, as the 2021 Instructional Coach Of The Year.

Beth Clifford Maine Indian Education
Beth Clifford

Beth Clifford
Curriculum Director of Maine Indian Education
2021 Curriculum Leader of The Year

Throughout her sixteen years with MIE, Beth has put learner equity and access at the center of her work with the MIE learning communities.  She is a dedicated professional who selflessly works to ensure that every person has access to exceptional education, young learners and adult learners alike.  Beth has served on the MLCA Board longer than any other board member, and is a cherished holder of historical MLCA knowledge.  She has also given her energy and expertise to AXIOM Education and Training Center, the Cohort For Customized Learning, and to professional learning initiatives across Washington County.

Susan O'Brien
Susan O’Brien

Susan O’Brien
Instructional Coach in RSU 22
2021 Instructional Coach Of The Year

After a distinguished career as a classroom teacher, Susan moved into Instructional Coaching in 2017.  Since then she has inspired and nurtured the professional learning of many teachers and coaches within RSU 22 and across Maine.  Susan’s coaching is rooted in relationships and respect, and supports people at all stages of their professional learning, from new teachers, to teachers working towards National Board Certification, to teachers ready to become coaches themselves.  All of her work centers around students, and how we create the most optimal learning experiences for them.  We look forward to having Susan O’Brien join us on the MCLA Board.

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