St. George School Second Grade Students Create Poster Campaign for Local Community

Pollinators are important. They help plants grown and survive. Try not to kill bees because it could be a pollinator. Try to plan flowers do pollinators have flowers to pollinate and get nectar from.

Second-grade students at St. George School in Tenants Harbor spent the spring working on a collaborative research project examining the process of pollination and the need for pollinators to create a healthy environment. The six-week-long project, led by their teacher Alison Babb, 2020 Knox County Teacher of the Year and 2021 Teacher of the Year Finalist, culminated in scientific drawings about various pollinators they had spent time learning about.

Before starting on the drawings, the students practiced their research, reading, and writing skills to create the strongest final product. The students collaborated on reading intricate scientific texts and gathered information on the various plants they were studying. After conducting thorough research on pollinators, the students began creating scientific drawings of the plants. Throughout the drawing process, the students were consistently giving and receiving feedback, enabling them to create the strongest final project possible.

Once completed, the students were not yet satisfied- they wanted to create a poster that would go beyond their classroom for their local communities to both showcase their pollinator drawings and to display some public service messaging regarding pollinators. The second-grade students demonstrated strong collaboration skills and thorough knowledge, and passion for their environments throughout this project.

Readers are encouraged to go to the Jackson Memorial Library in Tenants Harbor and the Camden Public Library to view the posters in person. Knox Village Soup will also be featuring the poster in their late June to early July edition.

Information for this article was provided by St. George School. The article was written by Maine Department of Education Intern Clio Bersani as part of the Maine Schools Sharing Success Campaign. To submit a story or an idea, email it to Rachel at