RSU 54 Administrative Assistant Appointed Board Chair of National Association of Educational Office Professionals 

Vivian Champaign

Vivian Champagne has been an Administrative Assistant in Skowhegan’s RSU #54/MSAD #54 School District. She has been working there since 2005, where she has been part of both high school athletics and adult education.

Vivian is a member of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP), a national association which aims to provide professional growth through leadership, education, achievement, recognition, and networking opportunities for educational office professionals.

As a dedicated member of NAEOP since 2012, and a past president of Maine’s state association, Maine Educational Office Professionals (MAEOP), Vivian recently completed NAEOP’s Professional Standards Program certification program and earned her Certified Educational Office Employee (CEOE) distinction.

“Professional Development is an important piece of my career,” said Vivian. “Searching for new things to learn took me from the state association to the national association which offered the CEOE distinction, which is the only nationally recognized certification program, credentialed for educational office professionals.”

Shortly after obtaining her CEOE, Vivian was appointed by the national president of the NAEOP to serve as Chairman of the 2021-2022 Administrative Council., an honor in which she was installed during this year’s NAEOP Annual Conference in July 2021.

The Administrative Council is comprised of education office professionals who work at the district or central office level, State Department of Education, School Boards Association, or any service unit that serves a number of school districts in a specified area in the state.

“I now represent any NAEOP member who is an administrative assistant that works in the office of education from K-12, college, and state level across the nation,” Vivian explained excitedly.

The one-year appointment will allow Vivian to be the connection between the administrative NAEOP members and the NAEOP board of directors, which she is energized to do through regular communication and workshops.  She is looking forward to elaborating and sharing more details during her term.

When not juggling her professional demands, Vivian is dedicated to her family. Happily married for 37 years, she has two adult children and two wonderful twin granddaughters.

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