Lead Water Sampling Begins on October 1st – Info, Training, and Resources Available

Begin Taking Lead Water Samples

It’s time to start sampling your school’s water for lead!

On October 1, 2021, schools may order sample bottles to begin testing drinking and cooking water fixtures for lead. Maine schools need to either work with their local water professionals or use the provided training materials to identify water sampling locations, collect water samples, coordinate with A&L Laboratory, report results, and follow up with plans/procedures/actions based on the sampling results. If you haven’t done so already, your school should designate someone for this responsibility.

Instructions and training videos can be found online at https://leadtestingmaineschools.com/.

  • Testing for lead follows a very specific process. Carefully read the instructions before taking your first sample. Each step must be followed carefully and in the correct order.
  • If you have any questions or wish to order sample bottles, call A&L Lab at (207) 784-5354 or email them at lead@granitestateanalytical.com.
  • Samples that are improperly taken or submitted will not be analyzed; this will be considered a failure to monitor, at which point the school will be out of compliance with State law.


  • Water must sit idle in the pipes for at least 8 hours before sampling. Do not run or flush the water before collecting your sample.
  • Avoid collecting your samples during or immediately after long school breaks. Samples collected should represent normal water usage at your school.
  • Samples must be returned to A&L Lab within 14 days of being taken. A completed Chain of Custody must accompany your samples. Samples received late or without the correct documentation will not be analyzed.
  • Communicate testing results to parents.

For assistance or to order your sample bottles, contact A&L Lab: Phone: (207) 784-5354 – email: lead@granitestateanalytical.com