Seeking Educators to Form Maine Elementary Literacy Leaders Network

Many of us enjoy the connections and information provided as we participate in a wide variety of Social Networks. We have the ability to learn new things, ask questions and stay connected to family and friends far and wide. Professional education networks can also allow teachers to make connections to expand knowledge, problem solve and connect with educators well outside a narrow geographic area. Teachers who take advantage of professional learning networks are able to expand interests, participate in extended professional conversations and expand teaching expertise to directly impact teaching and learning. (“Together We Are Better”: Professional Learning Networks for Teachers, Trust, 2016).

Maine Department of Education is pleased to facilitate the forming of a Maine Elementary Literacy Leaders Network to support the work and one another on behalf of Maine students and their learning. The Maine DOE plans to facilitate this group through professional text and article studies, sharing problems of practice, conversations with educators across the state, sharing of resources, state updates, and development of professional presentations for the benefit of all Maine’s Elementary educators.

A network of Maine Elementary Literacy Leaders may be comprised of classroom teachers, literacy specialists, literacy coaches, interventionists, ed techs, special education teachers, English language teachers, pre-service teachers, and higher education faculty. This group, brought together by a common goal to strengthen literacy instructional practices across the state, has the potential to be a powerful team.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming part of a professional network of Elementary Literacy Leaders please complete this form.

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