Mr. H’s Math Show Helps Poland Community School Second Graders Show off their Math Skills

RSU 16 Second Grade Teacher Philip Hodgkins, or Mr. H. as his students call him, has been producing and starring in a weekly gameshow style math show to supplement math lessons for this 2nd grade students.

“During class I’m always hyping something up–birthdays, school assemblies, whatever the next big thing may be,” explains Mr. H. Extending that same level of enthusiasm into a new project, Mr. H uses his exciting game-show style voice, that his students love so much, in a new video series about math, providing an opportunity for his students to engage with math in fun and exciting ways.

“This is a really fun thing to do with the kids and it gives my 2nd graders a chance to show off their math skills,” said Mr. H. The shows are available as an option to his 2nd grade students in class after they have completed their regular math lesson. He explains that the show is a bonus for the students and supplements what they are working on.

With a little help from family members and friends, The Mr. H. Math Show has been uploading a new episode on YouTube every Friday at 7:00 p.m. successfully ever since February break and continues to evolve as the show’s audience expands.

“It’s awesome to see how excited students are to solve the new math questions every week,” said Mr. H. “It’s always great to hear their ideas for future episodes.”

The success of the show has spread to a few other classes at Poland Community School with the Functional Life Skills class and some of the 1st graders and 2nd graders now getting the chance to watch the Mr. H. Math Show too. Mr. H. hopes to expand his audience even further. “I’d love to have math fans watching around the world, tuning in with their families to show off their math skills,” says Mr. H.

In the meantime, he continues to look for ways to add cool new features. Recently he has been looking into adding a musical element to the show with math rap songs.

Check out The Mr. H. Math Show on his YouTube Channel:

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