Updates on Implementation of New Chapter 115 Regulations

In an effort to keep the education field apprised of implementation progress on Chapter 115 regulations, the Maine DOE certification team wanted to provide the following updates.  Please remember the new regulations begin this Friday, June 10th.

  • Seventy-two different endorsements have already been created and tested and are ready for application submission beginning Friday.  Other endorsements have been created with new regulations and are in the testing phase, while even more are being created.  The plan is to hopefully have all endorsements prepped for application submission for Friday.
  • New PDF support documents that outline requirements for both conditional and professional certifications have been created for every endorsement and are currently undergoing review.  Those will begin being uploaded to the certification website on Thursday, June 9.
  • Enhancements to the website for clarity are currently underway.
  • Communications to the certification office have increased substantially and we have assisted roughly 3,000 educators each of the last two weeks through various channels.  Please be sure to take advantage of the supports we have and are enhancing on the website to help us process applications as quickly as possible.