Get to Know the Maine DOE Team: Meet Alexandra Cookson

Alexandra Cookson

Maine DOE Team member Alexandra (Allee) Cookson is being highlighted this week as part of the Get to Know the Maine DOE Team Campaign. Learn a little more about Alexandra in the question and answer below.

What are your roles with DOE?

I am the Data Quality Trainer with the MEDMS Helpdesk, and my main job is to ensure that school data is reported in an accurate, complete, and timely manner.

What do you like best about your job?

I appreciate that I am able to work with both the districts and various teams in the DOE so that we can ensure consistency in all of our reporting and data use across the state.

How or why did you decide on this career?

I am very excited about the opportunity to help districts and DOE teams, and this was my main reason for choosing this new adventure in my career as an educator after 5 years as a classroom teacher. I look forward to meeting and working with the incredible educators across this great state!

What do you like to do outside of work for fun?

My hobbies outside of the DOE/Education world include group fitness instructing, 5k obstacle course races, spending time with my family, and enjoying the wonderful adventures and experiences that Maine has to offer.  I am also a certified life coach.