Collection of Resources for Supporting Maine Schools During and After Crisis

PBIS Crisis Resources

The Maine PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention System) Team acknowledges the difficulties that may arise for schools, families, and communities in response to the threats of violence in Maine schools today. We recognize that individuals will respond to these events differently, and some may require additional supports to process the experience. Reassuring students, staff and families that school is a safe, predictable, positive, and supportive environment is an important first step. Below are several recommended resources that may be consulted to support administrators, teachers, and families as they work to return to normalcy and re-instill a sense of security for themselves and their students in the coming days.

Comprehensive Resources

This comprehensive guide provides guidance to state, district, school, and classroom leaders on how to recover and return to school following a crisis. Specific guidance on practices that can be used immediately can be found within the guide targeted to specific levels.

Supporting Schools During and After Crisis

  • Critical Practices Overview p. 9
  • Critical Practices for Districts p. 26
  • Critical Practices for Schools p. 29
  • Critical Practices in the Classroom p. 36

This page provides links to a variety of resources for schools and families to use when supporting students after incidents of community violence.

Resources for educators supporting students after an incident of violence

Quick References

This guide helps parents and teachers to discuss violence and threats of violence with students, and to help re-establish a sense of safety.

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

This resource provides concrete strategies for coping with increased stress after difficult situations.

Coping Tips for Traumatic Events and Disasters

This resource offers suggestions for family members when talking with youth after a crisis or unexpected events. It provides predictable youth reactions, how to support, and examples of things to do and say.

Parent Tips for Helping School-age Children

If you need additional support for your school or district, please contact