REPORT OPEN: EF-M-39 – Finance Report – Subsidy Allocation for 16-20 Year Old Students Exited from Regular Education and Enrolled in Adult Education Programs

The EF-M-39 report opened on December 1, 2022. This report will be due on December 15, 2022.

All public school administrative units (SAUs), excluding Public Charter Schools, must report even if there are no pupils to report. SAU member entities of Unions and AOSs must report separately. SAUs that send their students to Regional Adult Education Programs must file based on their own resident students attending the Regional Adult Education Program.

Students who have exited regular education, and are enrolled in Adult Education courses should be reported on the EF-M-39.

This report covers the reporting range from July 1st to December 30th of adult education students, courses, and credits/hours.

Resources, including the webinar and slideshow for this report, can be found on the MEDMS Helpdesk Website on the Webinars & Presentations page.

For questions about submitting this report contact or call 207-624-6896