MLTI Ambassadors Raise the Curtain on their ‘Spring Revivals’ Series

MLTI Spring Revivals

Debuting today, Asynchronous PD offerings to support Digital Citizenship, Tech Integration, and more

Digital Citizenship (DigCit), Podcasting, Digital Storytelling and Ap ps & Tools are among the Professional Development topic categories that the MLTI Ambassadors will be offering in the coming weeks.  These will go live on the MLTI Youtube channel and are open to all interested educators and will include useful resources and contact hours.  Please stay tuned to our professional learning “Now Playing” list with links to the videos, podcasts, and slides as they become available.


For deep learning and real engagement, nothing beats student created content. We’ll get you and your students started with this great medium!

The podcasting series will explore at all facets of the medium within the educational context. Podcasts as an engaging and rich information source that you can introduce into your classroom. Podcasting can be applied across all curriculum topics and can increase engagement by getting your students more excited to express their learning. We will explore processes for production, resources, strategies, software, hardware options and the benefits of those various tools. Whether you are an educator looking to “dip your toe” into podcasting or you are looking to learn from the folks behind MLTI’s Teaching with Tech podcast, this series will have something for anyone hungry to learn about podcasting.


It’s easy to get distracted by so many different options for “amazing” ed tech. We’ve made it easy to find guaranteed winners on our curated list.

This series will look at some popular digital tools and how to integrate them into the classroom effectively.  We will look from the teacher perspective to understand rollout, design, and management. We will also look through the student lens and share best practices.  Information about access and related costs with any apps will be shared.  We will be exploring a combination of web-based tools that are available across platforms as well as tools that are specific to MLTI-provided platforms.  Some of these apps will also serve as technical accompaniments to other professional learning offerings, allowing learners to go from app to application or vice-versa.


Students struggle to gain the confidence to share their experiences. We’ll help support your work to make them narrators of their own lives.

This series will explore forms of digital storytelling and how to integrate them into the classroom effectively.  We will dig into different approaches like documentaries, animation, podcasting, and interactive storytelling that are popular in classrooms. We will explore the types of digital media such as of images and graphics, timelines and charts, videos and audio that can be utilized to build a digital palette. We will explore how these elements can be pulled together to build unique and engaging narratives.


As Gen Z, and now Gen Alpha, continue to blur the line between “real life” and “online life,” supporting DigCit has now become imperative.

This series will build upon the work from the Digital Citizenship & Online Safety series and News & Media Literacy series (both from Spring 2022) and developed throughout this school year as the MLTI Ambassadors have supported work on Digital Citizenship issues.  Content will include best practices for implementing Common Sense Education’s six-pronged approach to Digital Citizenship education.  “Left to Their Own Devices” will also offer ideas for educators about why and how to teach Digital Citizenship in their classrooms WITHOUT adding additional work to their plates.  And be sure to check out the forthcoming updates to these topics for 2023.