StrengthenME Continues to Provide Support for Education Workforce

StrengthenME is a free service available to educators and other school personnel through a partnership with the State of Maine and Northern Light Work Force EAP and Training. The program  will continue to provide individual work/life coaching, wellness workshops and facilitated group discussions this summer and for the 2023-2024 school year… learn more here. Whether you are looking for something individual or to set up something for your school staff, you just need to  Contact StrengthenME at 1-800-769-9819 or or visit the StrengthenME webpage.

Support services include:

  • Individual Work/Life Coaching: Access 1:1 confidential coaching with a licensed mental health counselor to assist with stress and to explore coping skills, wellness options and resilience strategies. Up to six 50-minute sessions, conducted via Zoom or Telephone.
  • Wellness Workshops & Trainings: Join one of the many workshops offered weekly on a range of topics including: Boundaries, Moral Courage, Sustaining Compassion and more! Visit our website for more information or to join one of our statewide virtual trainings or workshops, no registration required.
  • Facilitated Group Discussions: Gather your work team together for a discussion about how group members are coping with stressors and what support they need from each other. A professional consultant facilitates discussion and psycho-education around stress management.

For more information, reach out to Susan S. Berry, Maine DOE Health Education and Health Promotion Specialist at