We’re Hiring! AmeriCorps Program Manager with the Maine Department of Education – Application period extended!

Hiring AmeriCorps Positions

AmeriCorps Program Manager with the Maine Department of Education

$24.77-$36.89 hourly range

Are you seeking an opportunity to utilize your education and leadership experience to support future educators and students simultaneously?  This opportunity to join the Maine Department of Education (DOE) will allow you to expand your impact in education through management with two different cohorts of AmeriCorps members focused on supporting Child Development Services (CDS) preschool classrooms (CDS AmeriCorps) and incoming high school students in two rural schools (Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success).

Child Development Services, a quasi-state agency providing special education services to eligible children from birth to 5 years old, has partnered with First4 AmeriCorps to make this opportunity possible through a program that includes receiving valuable early education training and supports, gaining vital hours of experience and mentoring in CDS preschool programs available throughout the state, and working with students with disabilities.  In another program focusing on older students, the Maine DOE Office of School and Student Supports has partnered with two rural high schools in York County to provide AmeriCorps members to support incoming high school students.

Your management and leadership of Maine DOE and CDS AmeriCorps programming will ensure students statewide experience improved outcomes in the areas of school readiness and success and provide a cohort of future Maine educators with the training and experiences needed to successfully launch their careers in education.

To apply for this exciting opportunity to positively impact students and prepare future Maine educators, please send your cover letter and resume to Danielle McKay at danielle.mckay@maine.gov until a viable candidate is found.

Maine DOE AmeriCorps Program Manager Position

The primary focus of this position is assisting in planning, research, development, and coordination of a CDS AmeriCorps initiative for special education services provided in preschool settings and a Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success (MAMS) pilot in two rural high schools in York County.  The program manager supports the development of CDS AmeriCorps and Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success through the coordination of community partnerships, providing targeted professional development and coaching for Americorps members, partnering with technical assistance providers, and supporting alternative pathways to becoming certified to teach or provide services in early childhood and secondary settings. More specifically, the program manager promotes the development and implementation of policies and procedures to improve outcomes for students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and to improve mental health for students with limited access to enrichment opportunities due to socioeconomics, geography, etc.

Types of decisions THE POSITION has authority to make:

Makes decisions in collaboration with the Maine DOE and CDS regarding how best to support the tasks associated with the detailed timeline for the coordination of CDS AmeriCorps volunteers and Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success.

Makes decisions in collaboration with the Maine DOE and CDS regarding managing, training, and supporting personnel, timelines, professional development, and data to support two AmeriCorps grants.

Make decisions in collaboration with the Maine DOE and CDS including development and coordination of long-term initiatives and programs, including securing stakeholder involvement and training for the coordination of CDS AmeriCorps and Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success programming.


  • Knowledge of management practices, organizational change technologies, and human resources management.
  • Knowledge of project management principles and applications.
  • Knowledge of staffing requirements and training development principles, practices, and techniques.
  • Ability to plan, assign, and collaborate on managing the work of professional and technical staff members.
  • Ability to plan, direct, and manage moderately complex tasks for the timeline and implementation plan proposed by CDS and Maine DOE.
  • Ability to understand complex issues and negotiate amicable resolutions within a group setting.
  • Ability to anticipate and analyze problems, reach logical conclusions, and make sound decisions.
  • Ability to understand current policies and evaluate changing environments in order to recommend or implement changes or additions to policies.
  • Ability to manage multiple complex, diverse, and concurrent activities.
  • Ability to coordinate community partnerships.
  • Ability to plan and assign the work of overseeing AmeriCorps volunteers.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and write clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Ability to use information management tools, systems, and applications.

POSITION responsibilities:

  1. Assists the Maine DOE’s Office of Special Services and Inclusive Education and Office of School and Student Supports teams by presenting work issues that impact program management in order to provide input for decision making.
  2. Plans, organizes, and directs a team of AmeriCorps members for a variety of projects in order to accomplish the purpose of the proposed CDS AmeriCorps and Maine AmeriCorps Mentors for Success initiatives.
  3. Leads and oversees the program team through a process to include progress monitoring on the recruitment and retainment of the AmeriCorps volunteers.
  4. Analyzes, prioritizes, and identifies issues in order to support effective collaboration.
  5. Develops, coordinates, and implements high quality professional development to AmeriCorps volunteers.
  6. Maintains and collects data, accurate schedules, budget, and additional information in order to ensure timely access and reporting for the Department on the progress of the initiatives.
  7. Manage, supervise, evaluate, and support AmeriCorps members serving statewide to provide high quality programming in schools
  8. Facilitates communication with teams in order to discuss on-going project issues and facilitate collaboration.
  9. Conducts analyses and recommends alternative approaches to senior leadership in order to inform decision making.
  10. Support both initiatives to ensure proper execution of the initiatives and adherence to federal guidelines.
  11. Serve as a liaison between the Maine DOE certification team and AmeriCorps members to support AmeriCorps members in applying for Ed Tech I, II, and III endorsements.
  12. Manage workflow to ensure timely completion of tasks in order to meet required timelines as well as Departmental needs.
  13. Provide timely response to all constituent inquiries in area of responsibility in order to provide high level of customer service and transparency.
  14. Compile highlights and stories of the AmeriCorps programming to promote through DOE communications channels.
  15. Complete other duties/projects as assigned in order to meet Maine DOE’s OSSIE and OSSS.