October Enrollment Reporting Resources

October 1 Enrollment reporting often brings up many questions about unique situations for student enrollments and how to record the data for state reporting purposes. We often hear questions about enrolling students experiencing homelessness, State Agency Clients, enrollments in special purpose private schools, Superintendent Agreements, and many other situations that students may be experiencing.

The Maine DOE Helpdesk webpage provides guidance for most of these situations on the Student Enrollment Guides page. This resource can be very helpful when working to determine fiscal responsibilities, subsidy counts, and reporting responsibilities.

The Enrollment Guidance Document can be a particularly useful resource for October 1 Enrollment reporting, and we highly recommend having it readily available when working on this report.

If a student’s situation does not meet any of the outlined enrollment guidance or if you have questions about enrollment guidance, please contact MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or call 207-624-6896.