Book Study: Increasing Student Engagement

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Starting in December, the Maine Department of Education (DOE) is hosting an asynchronous book study on student engagement based on two books: Reimagining Student Engagement and Teaching Students to Drive Their Learning. Educators will receive a free copy of each book.  In this 8-week online book study, educators will: 

  • Examine what research says about student engagement  
  • Reflect on their students’ engagement and classroom management 
  • Design strategies to increase engagement that works for them and their students 
  • Collect data on how the changes have impacted their students’ engagement 
  • Opportunity to collaborate with teachers statewide  

During this book study, educators will be assigned weekly readings, post a response, and comment on other teachers’ responses.  Teachers will also need to implement one or more engagement strategies and share their resources and/or reflections. Educators completing the book study will receive 10 contact hours. The book study is perfect for individual teachers, as well as teams of teachers, who want to examine research-based practices that can increase and improve student engagement.   

Books: Teachers participating in the book study will receive copies of: 

  • Reimagining Student Engagement by Amy Berry 
  • Teaching Students to Drive Their Learning: A Playbook on Engagement & Self-Regulation, K-12 by Fisher, Frey, Ortega & Hattie 

Intended Audience: PK-12 Teachers & Administrators
When: December 1-February 2 
Where: Maine DOE EnGiNE Platform (There will be optional Zoom sessions to further our discussions and collaboration.)
Contact Hours: 10 contact hours available upon completion
How: Register here 

This book study can be done in conjunction with the Maine DoE ConCEPT pilot.  Click here to learn more about ConCEPT.

For more information on this book study, please contact Jaime Beal, Interdisciplinary Instruction Specialist at 

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