MLTI Podcast, Teaching with Tech, Returns for Season Two!

Teaching with Tech Logo V3

Teaching with Tech is back! The Maine Department of Education (DOE), Learning Through Technology team is excited for the second season of their MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) Ambassador podcast where they will highlight new faces and voices centered around supporting technology integration across Maine. In the first season of Teaching with Tech, episodes focused on a variety of topics ranging from digital citizenship, artificial intelligence, STEAM-based learning, and gamification in the classroom. The Ambassadors share exciting strategies and tools as well as interviews from the field which showcase how teachers and schools are using innovative educational strategies to provide students with the best experience possible.

The MLTI Ambassador team kicked off season two with an episode titled “What are the Ambassadors Working on?” This episode highlights projects that the team is looking forward to this year as well as gives examples of ways they can support districts, schools, and teachers all over Maine. October will be the first themed month, focusing both episodes around educational technology in the arts. Join the team as they interview educators about how they incorporate technology, tools, and strategies into their classrooms and schools. Be sure to look out for “Community Corner” bonus episodes which cover additional topics outside of the monthly theme. Last season saw bonus episodes dedicated to game-based learning in elementary physical education, the Educate Maine Symposium, and Student Leadership Ambassadors of Maine (SLAM) Clubs.

See a listing of 2023/3024 MLTI Ambassadors here.

Do you have a topic you want to hear on Teaching with Tech or know an educator doing exciting work with technology integration? The MLTI Ambassadors would love to hear from you! To join the conversation, email the team at Teaching with Tech is now streaming on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and YouTube Music.

For more information about the Teaching with Tech podcast or other MLTI Ambassador initiatives, contact the MLTI Ambassador Program Facilitator, Jonathan R. Werner,