Learning Series: Supporting Children, Families, and Communities to Thrive

As a reminder, Maine’s Department of Education’s (DOE) Early Learning Team and Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services are hosting a professional learning opportunity for child care and public-school educators working with children birth-8 years old. This opportunity is funded through Maine’s Preschool Development Renewal Grant.

The Maine Resilience Building Network will be hosting a series of free virtual (via ZOOM) professional development sessions. Supporting Children, Families, and Communities to Thrive: Promoting Positive Childhood Experiences and Resilience will bring together early childhood and PK-3 public-school educators to participate in sessions during the fall of 2023. These sessions will focus on:

  • How adverse and positive childhood experiences impact children’s development,
  • ideas for how to support a stronger focus on positive experiences and for building resilience for young children, and
  • strategies for how educators can address compassion fatigue and build their own resilience.

Descriptions of all 3 available offerings can be found here. Two contact hours are available for each session. Registration is required and links to each session are provided within the table below.

Date/Time Program and Registration Link
Saturday, 11/4/23 9:00-11:00am The Impact of Experience: How Adverse Childhood Experiences and Positive Childhood Experiences Impact Healthy Child Development (Part I)


Thursday, 11/9/23 3:00-5:00pm The Impact of Experience: How Adverse Childhood Experiences and Positive Childhood Experiences Impact Healthy Child Development (Part I)


Saturday, 11/18/23 9:00-11:00am Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Resilience Strategies in Educators and Caregivers


Monday, 11/27/23 3:00-5:00pm A Framework for Implementing Positive Childhood Experiences to Support Healthy Child Development (Part II)


Saturday, 12/9/23 9:00-11:00am A Framework for Implementing Positive Childhood Experiences to Support Healthy Child Development (Part II)


Tuesday, 12/12/23 6:00-8:00pm Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Resilience Strategies in Educators and Caregivers


Monday, 12/18/23 6:00-8:00pm Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Resilience Strategies in Educators and Caregivers


Additional questions can be directed to Maine DOE Early Childhood Specialist, nicole.madore@maine.gov.

Book Study: Increasing Student Engagement

Starting in December, the Maine Department of Education (DOE) is hosting an asynchronous book study on student engagement based on two books: Reimagining Student Engagement and Teaching Students to Drive Their Learning. Educators will receive a free copy of each book.  In this 8-week online book study, educators will: 

  • Examine what research says about student engagement  
  • Reflect on their students’ engagement and classroom management 
  • Design strategies to increase engagement that works for them and their students 
  • Collect data on how the changes have impacted their students’ engagement 
  • Opportunity to collaborate with teachers statewide  

During this book study, educators will be assigned weekly readings, post a response, and comment on other teachers’ responses.  Teachers will also need to implement one or more engagement strategies and share their resources and/or reflections. Educators completing the book study will receive 10 contact hours. The book study is perfect for individual teachers, as well as teams of teachers, who want to examine research-based practices that can increase and improve student engagement.   

Books: Teachers participating in the book study will receive copies of: 

  • Reimagining Student Engagement by Amy Berry 
  • Teaching Students to Drive Their Learning: A Playbook on Engagement & Self-Regulation, K-12 by Fisher, Frey, Ortega & Hattie 

Intended Audience: PK-12 Teachers & Administrators
When: December 1-February 2 
Where: Maine DOE EnGiNE Platform (There will be optional Zoom sessions to further our discussions and collaboration.)
Contact Hours: 10 contact hours available upon completion
How: Register here 

This book study can be done in conjunction with the Maine DoE ConCEPT pilot.  Click here to learn more about ConCEPT.

For more information on this book study, please contact Jaime Beal, Interdisciplinary Instruction Specialist at jaime.beal@maine.gov 

The Maine DOE encourages all schools and districts across the State of Maine to learn more about interdisciplinary instruction on our website or by contacting the Interdisciplinary Instruction Team Coordinator at Kathy.bertini@maine.gov 

Professional Learning: The Rural Experience in America Project

Community Civics through Historical Inquiry (K-12 grade educators)

Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program, NCHE is proud to announce a 3-part colloquium for teachers focusing on Rural America. These free professional learning opportunities will help teachers develop place-based interdisciplinary units that connect students to their rural communities.  Additionally, the Maine Department of Education will be hosting a bi-weekly professional learning community to support educators through these NCHE modules.  The PLC will incorporate the work developed by the MDOE interdisciplinary instruction specialists.

The program is designed to:

  • connect teachers with the Library Congress’s collections on rural history and with local rural historical societies so they can situate local history in the larger human experience
  • support teachers in the design and implementation of works of public value that connect rural students to their community’s history
  • engage rural teachers in a deep examination of rural history and the impact of change on children, families, and communities
  • The Right Question Institute will be leading a 4-week session on the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) with a focus on working with rural students

Educators may complete all or part of the 3-part colloquium.

  • Part A – Self-paced online courses:  the Library of Congress’ 6-week module course: Teaching with Primary Sources Basics; the Right Question Institute 4-week module course: Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Primary Source Questions (Dec 1-March 31)
  • Part B – Participate in three online synchronous Saturday professional development sessions led by historians, educational specialists, and master teachers (March 23, April 20, May 11)
  • Part C – Apply for a Summer Colloquium. Teachers and community partners will learn from historians and build civic connections to develop a plan for implementing a public history project in their community.
    • July 24-26 Washington, DC Travel reimbursement available

Register here for these NCHE events.

When you register with NCHE, you will receive a follow-up from the Maine DOE to register into our Maine PLC.

For more information, please contact Jaime Beal, Interdisciplinary Instruction Specialist, at  jaime.beal@maine.gov.

New Learning Cohort Opportunity to Equip Principals in Leading Equity-Based MTSS for Student Supports; Info Session on 10/23

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative training program aimed at empowering school principals to champion equity-based Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for comprehensive student success.

Implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support is a requirement in Maine schools.  The purpose of this learning cohort is to provide training and support to Maine school principals and related personnel with design and implementation of MTSS frameworks that provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary for addressing the diverse needs of students and to promote school and student success effectively.  By adopting a schoolwide MTSS, schools can foster a culture of academic, behavior, social/mental health, and attendance support, early intervention, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to improved growth and achievement rates and better outcomes for all students.

Participants in this cohort will:

  • Build capacity to design and effectively lead schoolwide MTSS across grades PK-12
  • Develop knowledge and skills to make MTSS a part of the school culture to ensure valuable work in high-leverage student supports can be blended and braided into a cohesive system of school supports that leads to long-time positive impact
  • Convene relevant stakeholders into MTSS leadership teams that are prepared to utilize research-based strategies for identifying areas of concern/need, assessing identified problems, selecting solutions, create targeted plans, and monitor outcomes that crosses all school domains (reading, mathematics, behavior, social and emotional/mental health, and attendance)
  • Explore and learn how to use a variety of MTSS implementation tools and resources that are used to assess and build readiness for MTSS implementation, assist principals in aligning initiatives and layering support for maximum impact and long-term sustainability, and facilitate the identification of existing or future barriers that may have a negative impact on the implementation of MTSS and provide action steps for removing barriers to aid in successful MTSS implementation

The MTSS cohort will take place through a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions from November 2023 through June 2024 utilizing both live in-person and virtual sessions including (3) in- person team-based workshop events at a centralized location to be determined and taking place on the approximate timeline of end of November 2023, mid-January 2024, and mid-March 2024.  Weekly 1-hour online learning sessions will begin November 12.

For more detailed information regarding the timeline, commitment requirements, and in-person meeting location(s), please attend an online information session on Monday, October 23rd from 3:30 to 4:30.

Applications for participation will open following the informational session and will be reviewed on a rolling basis through November 1st until all slots are filled.  All schools will be notified of their application status no later than November 3rd with virtual learning sessions to begin the week of November 12.

The program is open to PK-12 principals and any of their designated MTSS Team members.  To register for the informational webinar, you can visit the Maine DOE Professional Learning Calendar, or click this link to register.

For further questions, you can reach out to Andrea Logan, MTSS Specialist, via email (andrea.logan@maine.gov) or by phone (207-592-2011) Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM through 4:30 PM.

Maine DOE and BMV to Offer Joint Open Office Hours on School Bus Transportation and Licensing

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) and Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) are pleased to offer joint Open Office Hours focused on school bus transportation and licensing. Information on how a school administrative unit (SAU) can train new bus drivers will be reviewed. The shortage of school bus drivers is at a critical point. Being able to train in-house is an advantage in recruiting candidates.

The first Office Hours on October 11 will feature Cheryl Brackett, Maine DOE Transportation Coordinator, as well as Christopher Ireland, Maine BMV Director of License Services. Sessions are meant to be a time for transportation directors to come together to ask questions, work together to problem solve, share best practices, and network.

Office hours are offered as part of the Maine DOE’s School Safety Center and are intended to meaningfully support addressing questions and needs. Participants can join for the full hour, for just a part, or only to obtain an answer to a question.

Transportation Office Hour Sessions will be held the second Wednesday quarterly, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m., on the following schedule:

Month Day Topic
October 11th Preparing Candidates for a CDL Endorsement
January 10th Emergency Preparedness – Introduction to Maine DOE Guidelines
April 10th NEO Transportation Reporting
June 12th Alternative Transportation

Please use the following Microsoft Teams link to join the meeting on October 11:

Click here to join the October 11th Meeting via Microsoft Teams

Meeting ID: 267 027 044 018
Passcode: sA7sbW

Download Teams | Join on the web

To submit a topic or question prior to a session and/or for more information please email Cheryl Brackett at 207-446-3019: cheryl.brackett@maine.gov.