Lessons from the Field – AmeriCorps + High Impact Tutoring = Student Success

The U.S. Department of Education is hosting a webinar series to address hot topics that are on the top of educators’ minds. After sharing federal updates, the series features lessons learned and best practices from faculty, staff, schools, districts, institutions of higher education, and other places of educational instruction. It also shares a variety of useful resources.

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Office of Safe and Supportive Schools, the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) invites you to join the next Lessons from the Field webinar.

AmeriCorps + High Impact Tutoring = Student Success
Wednesday, May 4, 2022
3:00-4:30pm ET/2:00-3:30pm CT/1:00-2:30pm MT/12:00-1:30pm PT.

Exploring the role evidence-based, high impact tutoring can play in addressing learning loss experienced by students during the COVID pandemic and beyond. National, state, and local strategies will be shared, including direct examples from field practitioners via AmeriCorps partnerships.

This event will be recorded and posted to the event page a day after the event. All other materials can be found on the event page as well.

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  • RegistrationNCSSLE does not offer certificates or CEUs, but if you email ncssle@air.org after the event, they will be able to confirm your participation.

Thomas College Hosts First-ever ‘Educators Rising’ Conference in Maine; Two Students Named Preservice Teachers of the Year

Eighty-three students enrolled in teacher preparation courses in 14 colleges, high schools, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools across Maine gathered at Thomas College last month for Maine’s first-ever Educators Rising Conference!

The conference was planned primarily by Thomas students who are part of Maine’s first Educators Rising Chapter. A national, community-based movement, Educators Rising is an organization with a presence in all 50 states that seeks to cultivate a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from high school to college and into their teaching careers. Educators Rising provides “Grow Your Own” programming through Educators Rising curriculum, standards, micro-credentials, chapters, conferences and other activities.

The Thomas Educators Rising Chapter Chair, Abby Bolvin, opened the conference by welcoming her fellow pre-service peers to the conference, and reviewed logistical details, including room locations, photo tips, and conference hashtag #EdRising22.

Dr. Monte Selby, principal at Vinalhaven School and a talented musician, engaged the aspiring educators with an entertaining musical keynote address that stressed the importance of building strong relationships with students, and some tips on how to forge authentic, trusting connections. After the keynote, students chose from a wide variety of breakout sessions to attend. The session topics were selected by the Educators Rising Chapter students.

Bolvin explained that having the option to be part of the conference planning was a significant learning experience for her and her fellow Educator Rising Chapter members. They initially came up with a list of 50 session topics that they wanted to learn more about, and eventually narrowed it down to the topics on the program, which included classroom management, talking about controversial topics, what to expect in your first year of teaching, assessments, innovative math practices, and more.

During a delicious lunch catered by Thomas College, the students heard from Pamela Thompson, Professor and Chair of Thomas’ Education Department, and the 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year Kelsey Stoyanova. Thompson stressed the importance and impact of teachers, and Stoyanova shared, “we are not just teaching how to read to understand and write to show understanding, we are engaging learners to be global citizens—to offer them a glimpse of what it looks like to own their education, their futures, their voice, and do something with it.”

Tammy Ranger, 2017 Maine Teacher of the Year and the Director of Workforce Development and Innovative Pathways at the Maine Department of Education presented Maine’s first “Preservice Teacher of the Year” awards. Earlier this year, all Maine preservice teachers were were invited to apply  for the award. The top three preservice teachers were selected from a pool of over 20 applications from students in teacher preparation programs throughout Maine. “The future of the education profession in Maine certainly looks bright” said Ranger, commenting on the passion, creativity and commitment demonstrated in the preservice teachers’ application packets.

Students Mohamed Kilani (Bowdoin ’21) and Ivy Robinson (University of Maine Machias ‘22) were named Preservice Teachers of the Year, and Chelsea Whiting-Puckett (Bowdoin ’22) was named a runner up.  The selection committee, made up of Maine State and County Teachers of the Year, said the following about these promising teachers:

“Kilani’s work with anti-racism, bridging intercultural relationships, and restorative practices is remarkable. All students (and colleagues) will benefit from the classroom culture he creates.” 

 Ivy is a voracious learner—soaking up wisdom and practices from every teacher she works with. Her willingness to learn and improve her practice will only make her a better teacher year after year.

Chelsey’s robust and honest English and social studies classes reflect her commitment to inclusion, representation, and equitable learning environments for all students.

As part of being named Preservice Teacher of the Year, both Kilani and Robinson were awarded $1,000 each to help jumpstart setting up their classroom, and runner up Whiting-Puckett was awarded $200.

Special thanks to the Peter and Paula Lunder School of Education at Thomas College, the Maine Association for Middle Level Educators (MAMLE), Educate Maine, UNUM, and representatives from the Maine Department of Education for making this event possible.

To learn more about Educators Rising, visit the national website or reach out to Tamara Ranger (tamara.ranger@maine.gov) at the Maine Department of Education.



Virtual Training: Emergency Evacuations- Planning for the Whole School Community

The following opportunity is being provided by the Maine Department of Education’s Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) through the REMS TA Center, a partner of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Supportive Schools.

Emergency Evacuations: Planning for the Whole School Community – Learn how schools and school districts can better prepare for an evacuation after an emergency. During this training session, an overview is provided on issues related to identifying on- and off-site assembly areas, transportation considerations, such as the use of mutual aid agreements, meeting the needs of students with disabilities or access and functional needs, and shared lessons at the local.

Tuesday May 17th


Register here: https://forms.gle/xEponZj8Mn4JWyGk6

Virtual Training: REMS Exercises and Drills

The following opportunity is being provided by the Maine Department of Education’s Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) through the REMS TA Center, a partner of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe and Supportive Schools.

Exercises and Drills – Learn about strategies that K-12 education agencies can use in collaboration with their team of multidisciplinary community partners to enhance efforts to practice school emergency operations plans (EOPs).

During this training session, the REMS TA Center will share recommendations from Federal partners specific to developing, practicing, and enhancing high-quality school EOPs through a variety of exercise types, including drills, tabletop exercises, virtual simulations, and more. Additionally, the REMS TA Center will explore new considerations about exercises and drills and efforts education agencies can take to protect the whole school community.

Tuesday May 10th


Register here: https://forms.gle/3xW6prCYMrdmtRKh8

Opportunity for Aspiring Mentors: Mentor Trainings Offered this Spring and Summer

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is committed to supporting the growth and development of educators aspiring to be mentors.  Over the past four years, the Maine DOE has collaborated with teacher leaders, administrators, and higher education partners to customize Maine’s mentor resources. These resources are available to School Administrative Units (SAUs) that wish to provide local support and training to new mentors.  We extend our sincere thanks to educators who continue to offer mentor training throughout the state.

Mentors serve a critical role within their schools, and we are appreciative of their ongoing dedication to supporting and growing the profession.  Current mentors have been crucial to the educational environment—each individual mentor has made an impact.  We are encouraged by and thankful for those educators who are enthusiastically stepping up to become mentors.

This spring and summer, the Maine DOE will be offering virtual mentor trainings. These interactive sessions will serve as a foundation for aspiring mentors and a refresher for current mentors.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of mentoring, reflect deeply on the role of mentors, apply practices into real-world situations, and engage in lively discussion with peers from across the state.

Details: Educators are welcome to select the session below that works best with their schedule. The sessions will take place via Zoom and a link will be sent to participants following registration. Sessions are offered at no cost and all materials will be available electronically.

Choose from three sessions:

May 5, 2022
8:30am – 3:30pm (with a built-in lunch break)
Registration Form

June 30, 2022
8:30am – 3:30pm (with a built-in lunch break)
Registration Form

July 19, 2022
8:30am – 3:30pm (with a built-in lunch break)
Registration Form

Contact Hours: Educators will receive contact hours for participation

Educators are encouraged to discuss the opportunity, along with local training requirements, with their mentor chairperson prior to registering.

Support for new educators through mentoring and induction is a key strategy outlined in the Teach Maine Plan to develop, support, and sustain Maine’s education workforce.  This plan will be released in early May.  Interested in learning about future offerings, discussing customizable resources, or sharing promising practices?  Please reach out to Emily Doughty at Emily.doughty@maine.gov or at 207-592-0314.