Wiscasset student artists honored

The Maine Department of Education has displayed student artwork in its Cross State Office Building lobby for eight years.

On June 7, the Department invited student artists from Wiscasset — whose work is currently on display — to celebrate their work at a Blaine House reception attended by Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage and Maine State Board of Education chairman James Banks.

Two students from Wiscasset sing and a teacher plays a guitar during a musical performance at the Maine Department of Education.
Students from Wiscasset perform at the Department of Education during a celebration of their artwork, which is displayed in the Department’s lobby.

More than 100 people attended the reception honoring the 30 students from Wiscasset Primary, Middle and High schools. Those in attendance included art teachers Donna Barnes, Molly Carlson, Sarah Sutter and Tom Block.

Wiscasset High School’s acapella group, directed by music teacher Molly Winchenbach, performed at the Blaine House; other music ensembles performed in the Department of Education lobby.

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