Transfinder upgrades to new version

Transfinder, the Student Routing and Transportation Management software system the Department of Education offers to school districts at no cost, has upgraded to a new version with expanded capabilities.

School districts currently using Transfinder to plan more efficient bus routes will receive an upgrade to Routefinder Pro Version 10.0 on Saturday, Dec. 3 between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Users must log out of the program before the upgrade or risk losing unsaved information.

School districts signing up for Transfinder for the first time will receive the up-to-date version.

Some 84 Maine school districts with 373 schools have begun using Transfinder software in the two years it has been available to save funds by planning efficient bus routes. One of those districts – Regional School Unit 59 of Madison – is the subject of a Transfinder case study, which can be found at:

The newest version of the software system includes the following added features, according to an announcement from Transfinder:

  • Curb Side Pickup: New functionality provides universal check box that optimizes a route to ensure that buses travel down the correct side of the street for curbside pickup of students, especially for students with special needs.
  • Approach Point: You can now generate a path that ensures curbside pickup of students where necessary. You also can adjust the approach point for group stops or door-to-door pickup where it makes sense in a specific area.
  • Improved Geocoding: You will now be able to assign ungeocoded students to a stop right on the routing map.  This removes the complexity of geocoding students who may not have accurate addresses or who live in large apartment complexes.
  • Expanded GeoSearch Results: With the routing map open, you now can view new trip details, such as mileage, duration, number of stops, schools, and eligible riders. You also can select a result and see that data quickly displayed and centered on the routing map.
  • New Boundary Options for Redistricting and Trip Stops: This new feature offers more options for creating boundaries from a selection, adding and removing boundaries, moving duplicate nodes, removing overlapping school boundaries, and better editing capability for Trip Stops.
  • Student Attendance Tracking: Once you take attendance on a trip, it automatically updates a student attendance record.  This will enable integration with third-party student tracking systems, such as ZPass from Zonar.
  • MapInfo 10.5 Mapping Functionality: Version 10.0 now incorporates the latest mapping functionality available from MapInfo to provide smoother and more feature-rich map segments as well as access to BING satellite maps, which are available as an option.
  • Integration with Servicefinder Fleet Maintenance Solution: Upcoming maintenance and scheduled work in Servicefinder is now available as an alert in Routefinder Pro Version 10.0.

A 90-minute, online training on the new version of Transfinder for Maine users will take place Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. Information about participating is available in the “My Transfinder” section of the program.

Other training sessions are also available. Information on these sessions can also be found in “My Transfinder.”

Contact Diane Blackman, Maine’s Transfinder account executive, to register for a Transfinder product or training session, or to ask questions about Transfinder. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 800-373-3609.

Contact Pat Hinckley of the Maine Department of Education with questions about student transportation. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 207-624-6886.

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