Update: State support for Infinite Campus, PowerSchool

The Maine Department of Education indicated in October 2010 that we would work to financially support some new local implementations of PowerSchool and Infinite Campus data systems, and would develop a system for prioritizing which school systems would be first in line to receive such support.

At this time, given the continued financial challenges facing the State and education, and the unexpectedly high interest in state support for the data systems, the Department unfortunately will be unable to support Infinite Campus or PowerSchool for districts not already supported by the Department.

It became apparent over the past few months that Maine DOE support for school units eligible and interested in participating would have cost $2 million to $3 million. With no additional funds for this program, the funds would have had to come from General Purpose Aid to Education and would have resulted in a higher local required contribution (mill rate) and lower state subsidy for all school units regardless of their current status or eligibility for state support.

In an effort to provide some support to schools despite the current financial limitations, the Department has determined that individual school districts can take advantage of the agreement negotiated by the Department with Pearson to purchase the state contracted edition of PowerSchool, which may offer favorable terms.  Any school unit wishing to take advantage of the agreement would agree in advance to reimburse the Department of Education for all applicable fees. An agreement to purchase from the state contract would also provide for a more seamless transition if and when state support becomes available. The Department would simply stop billing for the state contracted edition fees on the effective date of state support.

Meanwhile, the Department will continue to cover Infinite Campus licensing, support and hosting costs for existing Infinite Campus users it is already supporting under the current three-year contract with Infinite Campus. For school administrative units that would like to implement the State Edition of Infinite Campus, purchase from the state contract is also possible with local units agreeing to reimburse the Department until state support is possible.

Alternative Organizational Structures (AOSs), especially, may want to consider the new package available to them in the latest Infinite Campus contract because it offers a much more favorable price point for the unique needs (collecting and reporting from all member entities) of an AOS than was previously available. The new contract does not require licensing for each individual member entity in an AOS.

For more details, please contact Brian Snow.

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