Meeting will address teacher prep program rules

The stakeholders group charged with reviewing the Department of Education rules governing teacher preparation programs is holding an informational meeting on April 23 about its proposals for changes to the rules.

Maine Department of Education Rule Chapter 114, “Purpose, Standards and Procedures for the Review and Approval of Preparation Programs for Educator Personnel,” contains the State Board of Education rules governing State approval of Maine’s public and private educator preparation programs.

The last comprehensive review of these rules took place in 2005-06.

The informational meeting about the currently pending revisions to the rule takes place April 23 from 9-11 a.m. in Room 103B of the Cross State Office Building in Augusta.

If you plan to attend, please notify Donna Young by phone at 207-624-6607 or by email at  If unable to attend, you may send thoughts and suggestions regarding the rule proposal to the above address.

Visit the Department of Education’s Proposed Rules & Rules Changes page to view a copy of the rule change proposal and an explanation of the process. Once on the Rule Changes page, look for Chapter 114.

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