“Dig into Science” contest open to Maine students

For the second year in a row, S. W. Cole Engineering, Inc. will hold a contest this fall for schools throughout the company’s service areas to promote science and engineering educational programs. The contest, called “Dig into Science with S. W. Cole Engineering,” is open to science, math or engineering students in first through 12th grade in Maine and New Hampshire.

One winner will be chosen for each of the company’s six offices, for a total of six winning classes. Each winner will be awarded $1,000 for the purpose of attending a pre-approved extra-curricular program related to science, math or engineering. More than 20 programs and centers are on the list of approved programs, including many children’s museums and planetariums. Stipends can also be used to bring an assembly or interactive program to the school, and winners may also suggest a program not on the list. Winning schools must use the stipend at a Maine- or New Hampshire-based program or center by the end of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Students will enter the contest as a class and will do so with an application as well as a video that they will submit to S. W. Cole electronically.

The contest will begin in September. More information, including exact start and end dates and rules for entering, will be available this summer on S. W. Cole’s website.

For more information, please contact David Dunning, S.W. Cole Engineering, Inc., at ddunning@swcole.com.

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