Rule Change Adoption: Chapter 4-A, Procedural Rule, Equal Educational Opportunity

Rule changes proposed for the Maine Human Rights Commission and the Department of Education, Rule Chapter 4-A,Procedural Rule, Equal Educational Opportunity, have been finally adopted.

The final changes to Chapter 4-A: change the term “Compliance Officer” to “Compliance Manager,” which is necessitated by a staffing change at the Maine Human Rights Commission; provide for the adoption of a third-party neutral mediation program; and add “public charter schools” to the definition of “public school.”

The purpose of the rule is to serve as a companion procedural rule to Chapter 4 on Equal Educational Opportunity. This rule governs the procedure to be followed in processing claims of unlawful educational discrimination filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission.

The “unofficial language” of the finally adopted version of the rule is available for viewing through the Maine Department of Education’s Proposed Rules and Rule Changes page. Scroll to Chapter 4-A once on the page. The language is not official until it appears on the Secretary of State’s website. The rule change became effective Sept. 12, 2012.

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