RTI best practices subject of conference

K-12 staff from around the state are invited to discuss best practices surrounding response to intervention (RTI), standards-based learning and learner-centered instruction at the Experts Down the Hall Conference on Oct. 29 at the Augusta Civic Center.

Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen will give the keynote presentation, accompanied by local students who will describe the impact of student-centered instruction on their education.

This conference offers a broad variety of presentations for elementary, middle and high school educators, as well as topics spanning all grades. The day will be divided into four sessions, enabling participants to attend multiple presentations. Workshop topics include high quality classroom-based instructions and behavioral support; school-wide screening for academics and behavior; multiple tiers of instructional strategies; use of a collaborative problem-solving team; data-based decision making; and effective use of technology.

RTI, standards-based education and student-centered instruction lead to the same outcome: high levels of learning for all students. These processes ensure that every child receives the additional time and support needed to learn at high levels. Multi-tier systems of support address the specific needs of all students. This conference brings together educators – “experts” – from all corners of Maine to share best practices that they use in their classrooms every day.

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