Back up transportation data in advance of Sandy

Transfinder, the bus routing software provider that the state and some individual districts have contracted with, has warned users that they should back up their Routefinder Pro data source as a precaution due to the impending severe weather.

Below is Transfinder’s message to clients:

Most of you are probably aware that the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather alert through Wednesday, October 31st for states along the East Coast.

In preparation for Hurricane Sandy and related weather events, we urge you to back-up your Routefinder Pro data source each time that you make significant changes to your data, unless your data is archived automatically each time that an auto-import is performed.  Even so, it may still be necessary to manually archive your data source if auto-imports are performed less frequently than changes are made, or the data on your server is not backed-up on a regular basis.

It is even better practice to have at least two copies of the archive file saved in separate locations, such as on your hard drive and a network drive or flash drive, or two different servers located at two different sites.  This will ensure that if your computer crashes, servers are destroyed in a disaster, or you simply misplace your flash drive, you will still have access to a copy of your most current data. If the need arises, your data can be restored.

Please refer to the Data Archive document for more information.

If you should require assistance in archiving or restoring your data, please contact our Technical Support Department at 1-888-427-2403, and select option 2 when prompted.

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