Students invited to meet career women in STEM fields

Middle school girls are invited to connect with women in underrepresented career fields including science, technology, engineering and mathematics by participating in the Expanding Your Horizons conference.

This year’s event will be held at the University of Maine on March 14, 2013.

The goals of Expanding Youth Horizons include:

  • providing young women with opportunities to meet and interact with positive women role models who are active in math- and science-related careers
  • involving young women with limited opportunities for success in positive experiences in mathematics and science
  • increasing the interest of young women in math and science by providing exciting and fun hands-on learning experiences
  • encouraging young women to study as much math and science as possible by showing them the benefits of education and its relevance to their lives
  • fostering awareness of career opportunities in science- and math-related careers

The conference is open to girls in seventh and eighth grade who are accompanied by an adult or are part of a school group. Space is limited, though the conference accommodates as many girls as possible.

The registration deadline for the conference is Jan. 7.  Registration materials will be sent out the first of January to schools that have preregistered.

For more information or to register for the conference, contact Faye Boyle at 207-581-1508, or

If schools are interested in attending, but need some support for transportation costs, please let EYH know.


  • Expanding Your Horizons website

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