No threat to Maine schools

The Maine Department of Public Safety has just issued the following release. While law enforcement has found no credible threat, all agencies involved, including local school districts working with state and local law enforcement and the Maine Department of Education, remain vigilant and committed to the task of school emergency preparedness and take seriously all possible threats.

NEWS RELEASE from the Maine Department of Public Safety
from Spokesman Steve McCausland – 626-3811


The Chief of the Maine State Police says his agency has found “no credible threat against any Maine school”.  Colonel Robert Williams said  the Maine Information and Analysis Center, a division of State Police which gathers police intelligence information, worked throughout the night after receiving information Wednesday from the Maine Department of Education that had originated at some southern Maine school systems.   Williams said, “State Police has not found any threats directed at Maine on Facebook, or any other social media.  We have chased baseless rumors throughout the past 24 hours and found no credible threat directed at any Maine school.”

A conference call  with Maine law enforcement and school officials just concluded and a news conference is scheduled for 3 pm at the Gorham Police Department on local actions that have taken place responding to these rumors.

Williams stressed that his and other state agencies will continue to work with local law enforcement and education officials to process and evaluate information  for the continued safety and security of Maine schools.


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