Preliminary subsidy amounts for FY 2013-14

Preliminary subsidy amounts for FY 2013-14 are now available. These subsidy amounts do not represent final action of the 126th Legislature and therefore should only be used as “initial” guidance for your budget preparations. Some calculations included in these amounts are dependent on enactment of statutory changes.

The spreadsheet indicates the estimated local and State share. This document provides unit-by-unit amounts including a comparison to FY 2012-13 funding including the FY 13 curtailment.

Please note that the subsidy amounts do not include the additional $9 million in the proposed biennial budget targeted to supporting activities such as implementation of the proficiency-based diploma. Nearly all of these funds will be distributed to school districts, though the exact mechanism will vary and has not been finalized. These include: Adult Education College Readiness programs ($550k), transition to the proficiency-based diploma – LD 1422 ($2m), implementation of educator evaluation systems – LD 1858 ($2.5m), replication of Bridge Year program ($1m), CTE national industry certification support ($1.5m), and the Office of School Accountability and Improvement ($1.5m).

You can find the subsidy printout and information about the factors and changes to this year’s subsidy calculations at:

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