FY 2013-14 budget validation referendum reminder

Every three years, voters are required to consider whether the school budget validation referendum process will continue (per Title 20-A, §1486 (1)). The last such vote took place for the FY 2010-11 budget year.

The FY 2013-14 budget validation referendum ballot must include a separate question to enable voters to indicate whether they wish to continue the process for another three years or discontinue the process. A vote to continue the process does so for another three years. A vote to discontinue the process ends its use beginning with the FY 2014-15 budget year. A vote to discontinue the process also prevents the process from being reconsidered for another three years.

School administrative units voting to discontinue the budget validation referendum process remain statutorily required to use the cost center summary budget format proscribed under Title 20-A, §1485, as well as conduct a budget meeting.

For more information, please review the annual budget submission web page before completing your budget work.

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  • Joanne Allen, School Finance and Compliance Team Coordinator
    Maine Department of Education

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