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The Legislature recently passed a resolution expressing support and appreciation for the Dirigo Boys and Girls State programs. This year’s Boys and Girls State programs will take place June 16-20.

The two programs are designed to instruct students in the process of local, county and state government. High school teachers and counselors annually nominate hundreds of students to be delegates, or “citizens,” at Dirigo Boys and Girls State. Community leaders from across Maine donate their time and energy to assist in running the Boys and Girls State programs.

Boys State

The purpose of Boys State is to provide Maine high school juniors with the opportunity to participate in a program that supplements their high school courses in government and its functions. In this program, young men role-play as they learn to campaign for local, county and state offices and then organize and carry out the functions of state government.

Any junior who is interested in learning about town and state government qualifies for Boys State. Information pertaining to the program should be made available for all boys in the junior class; giving students at all scholastic levels the chance to apply. 

Priority should be given to attitude versus scholastic achievement, although both qualities are desirable. Involvement, interest and participation should be the main focus during the selection process. All applicants chosen should be informed that they are being recommended to the local American Legion Post, and each individual should commit to attending prior to an application being submitted. The final selection of students must be done by the local American Legion Post using the names supplied by the school. 

If your school district does not have an American Legion Post, the school is responsible for carrying out the selection process and obtaining sponsors.

The American Legion sponsors the Boys State program and encourages all other groups and organizations to join in promoting the program through sponsorship of candidates.

Submit Boys State applications, along with the fee, by June 1, 2013.

The tuition for each student for the Boys State 2013 session will be $275.00, however, partial sponsorship is also encouraged. If you would like to be a sponsor for the 2013 Dirigo Boys State Program, please contact your local American Legion Post.

Girls State

Girls State is a youth citizenship program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. Maine’s session will be held at Husson University in Bangor. Delegates to the program are selected by the American Legion Auxiliary Units working with local high schools. Girls must have completed their junior year of high school to be eligible. College credits are also available to Girls State delegates.

For more information, students should contact their local American Legion Post.

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