Falmouth HS awards state’s first STEM diploma endorsements

Falmouth High School awarded the first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, known as STEM, diploma endorsements in the state of Maine to 18 of its 189 graduates this year. A STEM endorsement recognizes motivated students who have chosen to devote a significant amount of time and effort to pursuing an extensive course load of STEM-oriented work consisting of electives, extended learning opportunities and a related job shadow and senior project.

The new STEM endorsement is available to students enrolled in Falmouth’s STEM Academy, which functions as a “school within a school” to provide a personalized educational environment for those with an intense interest in engineering-related careers. Academy students take on an integrated core curriculum of math, science, social studies, engineering and English while maintaining a traditional high school experience through elective classes and extracurricular activities. FHS finances its STEM Academy through Race to the Top and federal Perkins grant funds.

Falmouth’s STEM students graduate high school prepared to enter post-secondary education or STEM-related fields. Upperclassmen also have the opportunity to take in various dual-enrollment courses, which enables students to earn college credit while in high school.

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