June 2013 State school subsidy payment deferred

In accordance with Public Law 2013, Chapter 1, $18.5 million of the June 2013 State school subsidy payment has been deferred until after July 1. School administrative units (SAUs) should record the deferred portion as an accounts receivable.

The following link will provide SAUs with the final amount of the June subsidy payment, including the portion that will be paid in June 2013 and the portion that will be paid in July 2013: www.maine.gov/education/data/eps/fy13/index.html.

Updated 2012-13 State subsidy printouts (ED279s) are available at www.maine.gov/education/data/subsidy/subsidyprintouts.htm.

Note: For the SAUs whose 2012-13 subsidy is currently being withheld due to non-compliance with Title 20-A requirements, the remaining amount listed in the link above will continue to be withheld until the SAU has achieved compliance.