Student information system to include question on military families

Schools will see the following new question in the Infinite Campus State Edition student information system this fall: Are one or both of this student’s parents on full-time duty status in the active uniformed service of the United States (including members of the National Guard and Reserve on active duty orders), or within one year of medical discharge or retirement from those uniformed services? Parent is not required to provide this information.

The data collected through annual responses to this question will be used proactively to prepare to meet the needs of the children of those who serve us. As of June 2011, there were approximately 6,500 children of active duty military parents living in Maine.

Maine adopted the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children in 2009. The compact’s state council ensures educational equity for the dependent children of active duty military members despite the issues of transiency and deployment that clearly impact these children.

Maine statutes, in Title 20-A, sections 20101-20118, address the following issues in regard to dependent children of active duty military parents:

  • Transfer of records
  • Course sequencing
  • Graduation requirements
  • Exclusion from extracurricular activities
  • Redundant or missed entrance/exit testing
  • Kindergarten and first grade entrance age variances
  • Power of custodial parents while military parents are deployed

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