Governor LePage to deliver State of the State Tuesday

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage will deliver his State of the State Address in the House Chamber at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

The much-anticipated speech will cover a variety of priorities that include growing Maine’s economy and encouraging families to stay in Maine; electricity costs; infrastructure improvements; reforming the welfare system; and addressing drug-related crimes and their impact on our State.

“Today, we have less debt on the books, more people working and a stronger economy than we have experienced in years,” said Governor LePage. “The State of the State is an opportunity for me to share with Mainers a vision for making Maine an even better place for our families to live, work and play. Much has been accomplished in three years, but there is more work to focus to ensure a brighter future for our great State and people.”

The economy remains the number one initiative Governor LePage will continue to address during the second session of the 126th Legislature. While Maine’s unemployment rate is at its lowest it’s been since 2008 – at 6.2 percent – Governor LePage will announce an initiative aimed at attracting major business investment and creating hundreds of new jobs for Mainers.

MPBN Radio, TV and will feature the Governor’s State of the State Address live, in its entirety.

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