Premier science events offer opportunities for Maine educators

Two upcoming national events in nearby Boston will provide extensive professional development opportunities for Maine science educators.

Beantown will play host to the National Science Teachers Association Conference from April 3-6. The event brings together thousands of pre-K through college science educators, invited speakers, hundreds of vendors and a plethora of inspiring workshops, share-a-thons, presentations and field trips.

The conference committee this year has developed an exciting program that will challenge teaching knowledge and strategies through a diverse, engaging program designed for teachers at all grade levels and disciplines.  For teachers wishing to focus on a particular topic in more depth, the committee has selected four strands:  Science and Literacy – A Symbiotic Relationship; Teaching Elementary Science with Confidence; Leading from the Classroom; and Engineering and Science – Technological Partners.

Teachers who attend this event often return to school energized with innovative approaches to their lessons driven by the intentional blending of cross-cutting concepts with practices and with content.

Additionally on April 2, 2014, the National Science Education Leadership Association will hold its annual professional development institute in Boston. Entitled “Leading the Way for the Next Generation,” attendees will acquire leadership strategies as well as tools to drill down in science standards.

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