Message to districts: Updated ED 279s posted

Dear Superintendents and Business Managers,

The Department is pleased to let you know that we have just posted updated FY 2015 (2014-15 school year) State subsidy printouts, known as ED 279s, here on our website.

These printouts reflect the already-enacted biennial budget and all action to date by the Legislature, including the supplemental budget approved by the House and Senate earlier this week. Additionally, these numbers take into account minor adjustments that resulted from updated reporting by districts to our Department. You will notice a slight increase in the mill expectation from the preliminary 8.07 rate we based the draft ED 279s provided to you last month to the 8.10 current rate. This will result in a small increased local contribution, though the State’s total share of General Purpose Aid is $943,846,108, an increase from the $942,295,406 distributed in FY 2014.

While these ED 279s are still not final until the Legislature adjourns (something we expect in the coming days), given the critical place we know many of you are in your budgeting preparations, we wanted to give you updated figures to better inform your local planning.

If any changes are made between now and the Legislature’s adjournment, we will let you know with another Priority Notice. In the meantime, you can view updated FY 2015 subsidy amounts by school administrative unit here (make sure to select “2015” from the Fiscal Year drop-down menu).

If you have any questions as you review these printouts, please contact our School Finance and Operations Team at 207-624-6790 or email or

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