Annual gifted and talented program applications past due

The Department is reminding school district administrators that their 2014-15 annual applications for gifted and talented program approval were due on Dec. 5.

Gifted and talented educational programs serve students who excel or demonstrate the potential to excel beyond their peers in terms of general intellectual ability, a specific academic aptitude or artistic ability. The Department encourages Maine schools to support programs for gifted and talented students as a comprehensive, K-12 gifted and talented program provides such students a place for realizing their full academic potential in an environment that allows them to move at their own pace and challenge themselves.

Annual Guidelines, templates and samples for the annual application, academic plan, visual and performing arts plan or waiver request are available for download on the Gifted and Talented section of the Department’s website. Gifted and talented programs approved during FY 15 are for FY 17 funding.

For more information or technical assistance with completing the forms, please contact Maine DOE’s Special Projects Manager Jennifer Pooler at

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