Maine DOE continues site visits to support proficiency-based efforts

The Maine DOE  will continue school site visits into June to provide targeted technical assistance for proficiency-based extension options five and six.

Visits to schools that were granted an extension five or six  are providing valuable information about the types of supports needed by districts to sustain the transition to proficiency-based education and reflects the deep commitment of districts to student-centered learning.

The Maine DOE will release information about the 2015 renewal process for extensions soon. Last year’s extension applications provided a clear picture of the status of districts implementation of proficiency-based education to date. District extension applications can be viewed on the Maine DOE website. The Maine DOE anticipates a dramatically streamlined renewal process for spring 2015.

The Maine DOE plans to convene extension option six schools as a group in June to provide targeted supports for the implementation of proficiency-based diplomas. This convening is in lieu of a second site visit. More information about this event will be sent to districts in the coming weeks.

For more information please contact the Department’s Standards-Based Education Specialist Diana Doiron at or 624-6823.

One thought on “Maine DOE continues site visits to support proficiency-based efforts

  1. I am very concerned with the amount of testing our third year students are asked to do. As a retiring educator and administrator, I am asking that the state evaluate the necessity for all this testing. The PSAT, SAT, SBAC, MEA are taking huge amounts of time away from classroom instruction. Though the PSAT and SAT are not required, we offer them to our students to be fair to all students.

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